Monday 7 October 2019

Story of a Dosa

Long long ago there lived a grandmother. She gets rice, black gram, soak it in water and grind it using a huge manual grinder and make my dough. But this story is about me in 2011 and by the way, the way I think and this crazy writer thinks is entirely different. So read it with all your patience.

I was lying down in a freezer of the medium large supply chain market. I was left idle and lonely. All my friends were taken away by other people. Several hands came towards us, black,white, brown, pale… I was expecting someone to pick me up. Sad no one took me. Finally one young lady with a long dress ( I heard them calling it as churdhar) picked me up. I was feeling little warm since she picked me out of freezer.

Sad, What is she doing? She dropped few bread packets, some green color packets and a chocolate packet. Chocolate packet made my mouth wet, but I was the first one to be put inside the trolley, else I would have tried my luck with the chocolate. She pushed me to a guy who was standing near a tv like machine. He pulled me out and passed me through a red ray of light which gave out a horrible beep and they shoved me into a nasty plastic bag. I saw this writer there for the first time, he was staring at this beautiful woman who took me while giving her his card. The guy swiped the card on to another small machine and gave him back a paper. He wrote something on it and gave it back.

Then they took me into a house and put me into a huge box which made me again cool. Next day morning the same woman took me out. She cut one end of my cloth and poured me into a small vessel. She added some water to me and some salt. She switched on a something which made itself to burn. I could see flames coming out of it. She put another vessel on top of it and applied some liquid on it. It seems like an oil and later she took me with the vessel, mixed me well and poured a little of me inside the another vessel which she kept on top of the flame.

I was scared, it was very hot. The oil on top of it was boiling, I was not able to bear the heat. I cried, I cried with a maximum voice “shhh shhh shhh”. But no use, I realised that a part of me was changing to solid, I was transforming. She made me into a round shape and seconds later I became a solid round figure. She took a utensil and inserted it beneath me and without disturbing me much she took me out. I think she was afraid that I may get broken. She was caring enough to do it. I felt happy, but not a second later she put me again to the flame upside down. This time I didn’t had enough energy to weep. I again produced little noise, but it was not coming out. My weep went with the noise of the fan above me which was also giving her some light. She put me into a vessel which kept me hot. She made many other brothers of me and put them with me. She called someone, “Dosa is ready, it is kept in the caserol”

Someone opened the lid and I saw the same person who was with that woman. He took me out put me into a plate. He added some slight red color liquid into me. My eyes burned but I couldn’t make any noise. He tore me mercilessly and broke me into pieces he mixed me with that liquid and some powder and took me into his hand. I tried my best escape, but in vain he lifted his hand, I knew it was my end. I tried crying but I lost all my energy, I was broken. He took me near his mouth and put me inside it and grinded me a swallowed me. I went into a dark passage grinded and crushed..deep deep into it.

This my story, if you like this please send an SMS to DOSA to 58888. This will help me to go to second phase of growth egg dosa. With your support I can be coconut dosa, onion dosa, uthappa, ghee dosa and finally family paper ghee roast. I am expecting your support, please take your mobile phone and send the sms now.


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