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I own what I do & I am responsible
Life Philosophy - Dhanesh Nair

Tuesday, 29 October 2019

Morning Inspiration - Lane Discipline

This was the beautiful view today in the technopark approach road. Techies are  following lane discipline and definitely initiative to make people follow was tremendous including posting pictures of the defaulters. People who have traveled abroad definitely might have seen how effortless the driving become when we follow lane.

 But my point is definitely not about them, it is about the water vendor truck and the Pink police car waiting patiently for their turn. Did that not set an example there? Not only we set an example, we inspired others to follow what is good. 

We should also follow the same while coming through Kazhakuttom. When you overtake the cars waiting on the approach roads to the service roadsof technopark, you not only make them feel bad, but also instigate them to break the rule next time.

1) With out much wait I saw a red alto(?) crossing over the people waiting to join the lane further in the front. Lucky him/her since he/she saved 1 minute of their precious time but definitely their parents might have sneezed a lot. Then there were umpteen number of techies and non techies following the rules, which made my day.
2) I took the phone when my car idling feature stopped the engine and I was on complete halt.

Friday, 25 October 2019

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I own what I do & I am responsible

Life Philosophy - Dhanesh Nair

This is the life philosophy I follow, inspired by the book Wings of Fire written by the great man India ever had seen, Dr. Apj Abdul Kalam.
I believe, Life is never simple but it is our ability to own what we have done in life, courage to stop if it is a mistake and fire to chase if we feel it is right even while fighting against the world. It is easy to blame others for our mistakes, but if we are not responsible for what we do, how will the world be?
All I have learned in this short life is to Share whatever I know, Help whatever possible way, and treat others the same way I wish to be treated.

I believe in the renaissance. It’s my view that when you prove yourselves out of adversities, is the time when the world acknowledges you.
Live life the way it is, plan your time and have a schedule always with you. This will keep reminding you about the pending challenges you have shelved off. Life is always challenging and you will always feel to quit the race. But when you realize that you have missed all the opportunities life had given to you, you will be nowhere.

What I learned In My Life?

  1. It doesn't matter how important you are, you can be replaced. World will continue to spin as it had always.
  2. Best time to make friends is when you are at school. These friendship normally are ever lasting. Friends at office are often hi-bye especially if you are married.
  3. Your life get more complex when you are out of college. The turning points of life, which they said were your exams is a big fat lie.
  4. If you want something in life and if you are really longing and desperate to attain it, you will get it.
  5. If you are angry, draft your email and do not send it. After a while, read it again and if you still feel that to be send to the recipient, do it.
  6. Be cheerful! No body likes dull and boring person.
  7. It is hard to maintain long distance relationships.
  8. Listen before you speak, understand before being understood.
  9. Respect everyone, no matter what his position is.
  10. Keep in touch with people you know and offer help if you can. You never know when you need them to return the support.
  11. It always green at the other end but once decided never worry about it. It is better to decide and revert your decision than never deciding and staying in disaster.
  12. You will never be able to stop comparing with your acquaintances and if someone says that they don’t, they are lying.
  13. When you compare your life with others, make sure that you compare your life with someone who had achieved much lesser than you too. Evaluating your life with achievers alone doesn't make you any happy.
  14. 80% of the problems you face today will be silly when you review it after a month and 95% after an year.
  15. Never miss an opportunity and if you did, do not worry about missing it.

Tuesday, 8 October 2019

Aarav the prince and Kingdom of Moon – Toddler Story

It was early morning. Aarav, the prince was practicing his archery skills. A soldier came running towards the prince informing about a special messenger from the Kingdom of Moon. Aarav, the prince rushed to the palace, greeting the messenger.
“Prince, we need your help. King of Moon had sent the message to ask your help”

Aarav  send the messenger back promising that he will reach Moon as early as possible. Aarav got into his horse speeding up towards the Kingdom of Moon. The hooves of the horse crushed the dried leaves in the forest to give a rhythmic sound.
“Prince, Devil of Zelo kidnapped my daughter Eva. He is fierce and I am afraid to send an army to combat. He might hurt my daughter. Please save her”
Devil of Zelo is one among the dangerous thieves of the age. He killed the king of Zelo and took over the reign of the kingdom years back. Since then he is a threat to the well-being of every other kingdom.
Aarav felt furious hearing it. “I will teach him a lesson”.
He called “Hero”, his black horse to give instructions and started his journey towards the Kingdom of Zelo. He traveled two days and three nights to reach the kingdom of Zelo.
There is a huge fort which restricts any human entry from outside world. He stayed near the fort looking for options to get into the palace. He saw an old man walking through the road. He was shivering due to cold. Aarav reached near him as if he is a merchant. After a short discussion, he understood that there is a market near City center of Zelo. Every day merchants will be allowed inside the fort for trade. They will be thoroughly checked before admitting inside the fort.
Aarav dressed as a merchant mixed and with the crowd who were walking towards the city center. Hero was following him and one leg of the horse is tied with sticks as if it is broken. Guards stopped the prince to do routine security checks.
“We haven’t seen you here. What are you selling”
“I am coming for the first time, my lord. I have few exclusive Diamonds for the King of Zelo. I hope I will get some good price for these”
Guards laughed. “Dumbo, our king never pay anyone. He just grabs what he needs”
Aarav pretended defending his wish and walked out of the arena.
“Wait there. Don’t dare to move”, A soldier yelled from the crowd. Aarav turned back.
“What happened to the horse legs”?
“He broke his leg, My Lord. You are kind to notice this animal’s pain. You are great”
The soldier seems elated for a moment smiling wide at his subordinates.
“Hmm, Go ahead” , the soldier did not object to taking it in. He seems flattered by the praise of Aarav.
He reached the highly secured Palace near the city center.
“I have some precious gems and stone for the king. Can I show that to him?”, He asked the guard. He stared rudely at the prince.
“Please, He will reward me with a lot of gold and I will give you few”, Aarav murmured in his ears.
“Don’t forget”. He walked in to meet the king. “Ok. You can go in, but don’t forget about the gold”
They checked the prince throughout and let him in. When he was entering, Hero fell down neighing as if in pain. Aarav and the soldiers rushed to the horse. While Aarav was pleading for help, he cunningly took the sword hidden inside the leg of Hero.
“You should go now, the king might be waiting”, the soldier ordered.
Aarav left hero to taken care by the soldiers and reached the chamber of the king.
Devil of Zelo was visibly cruel. He deep reddened eyes scared everyone around. When he was looking at the diamonds and precious stones, Aarav locked the doors as if to show rarest of the diamonds.
“Why are closing the door”, asked the Devil.
“You should see this stones, which sparkles in the dark”, Aarav explained.
When Aarav made sure no one was around. He started talking to Devil about Eva.
“O King, I heard you kidnapped a beautiful woman from the Kingdom of Moon, Did you”?
“Err, Kidnapped? What is that? She belongs to Zelo. I took her”, growled the King.
“Why do you show your strength to innocent people”, Aarav was aggressive in his reply.
“How dare you speak like that to me”, Devil took out his sword. “Soldiers..”. His voice echoed in the room.
“You should fight with real men, coward!”
Aarav drew his sword. They fought fiercely. By time soldiers started assembling in front of the chamber.
“King, King! “, they started shouting.
The fight was fierce and none of them were ready to accept defeat. Aarav flipped over the wall and jumped on his taking his crown down with the sword.
“Return the princess and I leave you alive”, Aarav kept the sword close to his throat. Soldiers outside the chamber started breaking the door and by then Aarav tied the Devil with a rope and kept under his sword.
“If any one of you advance near me, I will kill your King. Stay back”, ordered the Prince. “Get Eva now”
Soldiers brought Eva near him.
“Don’t worry Princess, you are safe. Stay close and follow me”, Aarav dragged the Devil outside the chamber and towards the door. He saw Hero waiting to fly.
“Hero..”, Hero neighed stamping his front feet on the floor and came towards Aarav. Aarav lifted the princess and started riding Hero while dragging the Devil in the pathways of the City Center. People were happy seeing their cruel ruler being dragged through the street. They started protecting Aarav from the soldiers.
King of the Moon was anxiously waiting for Aarav and Eva. He saw a crowd celebrating the victory of the prince nearing the palace.
“Thank you Aarav. We are indebted with your great deeds”.
“Its an honor and duty my lord. You are my father’s close friend and ally and I am really grateful for the opportunity to protect you. Long live, King”.
Aarav bid goodbye to the King, Eva, and Citizens of the kingdom of Moon. He winked at Hero on their successful adventure and started riding towards his palace.

Monday, 7 October 2019

Short Love Story – Short Story In English

“Baby I am addicted, I am out of control”
Enrique was in his fullest in this song. I love his songs, taking the last sip of the mocktail I blabbered to my friends. All of them were quiet tight and of course they are in a state to accept anything. I smiled to myself. The blue ambiance of the sports bar seems to be quiet magnetic.
“Hey it’s time to go. Guys you are forgetting the fact that you guys got a home and you need to reach there”. It was a treat from my friend who completed 5 years in my company. Great, they seems to have realized the fact that they need to travel back home. I got up and walked towards my car.
“Where the hell did I parked it?” The buzzer is not working for quite some time. Finally I got the parking spot. When I was about to step into the car I saw a purse lying down. Is that a plot?? Boy, don’t you dare to look into that. I imagined a group of cameras covering me saying I was made a fool or It might also be a attention diverter. Anyways I took it and I found few cards, a driving license and a PAN card.
Reshma Sharma, luckily her phone number was there in the visiting card. Should I call her? Common you should call her. How long you will stay single after a breakup. But this is tricky; she seems to be working in Hyderabad. But why am I thinking about a relationship with a strange girl. I think all bachelor guys like me who am single would feel the same. They will always visualize any pretty girl to be a girlfriend. Okie what now, are you going to call her. May be she might be around, I took the phone and called the number.
“Reshma Here”

“Hi, I am Jino. I got your purse, it has some cards, your DL and PAN card”
“Thank God, Thanks a lot for calling. I came there for a marriage. I got back into the train. Will it be possible to send it as a courier?
“Ok, I will do that”
While driving back I realised that I was mourning like a huge tragedy happened in my life. This was a good change. Next day I mailed her all the details including the courier docket number.  Within seconds I got a chat invite in my Gtalk. I accepted it and next second I got a hello from her. We continued our chatting for days. She was really interesting and my days started running very fast. I was flying in cloud nine. I think I should propose her before I need to see her how she look. The photo in her PAN card was not visible much.
“Hi” I pinged her. “Are you in facebook?”
“Yes, give me your ID”
I replied,” Search Jino Manjil”
“Yes, I see you here and I have added you as my friend”
I logged in to my facebook. She is pretty. Our calls continued till night. We had topics from software to sex. Soon our topics died and we started arguing for every silly reason and one fine day I got a text from her
“I am not interested in this relationship”. I wondered, but I knew it would end like this.
“Can I call you”. I didn’t get any response for her. I pinged her in Gtalk.
It replied  “The person you pinged is offline and can’t receive messages right now”

Story of a Dosa

Long long ago there lived a grandmother. She gets rice, black gram, soak it in water and grind it using a huge manual grinder and make my dough. But this story is about me in 2011 and by the way, the way I think and this crazy writer thinks is entirely different. So read it with all your patience.

I was lying down in a freezer of the medium large supply chain market. I was left idle and lonely. All my friends were taken away by other people. Several hands came towards us, black,white, brown, pale… I was expecting someone to pick me up. Sad no one took me. Finally one young lady with a long dress ( I heard them calling it as churdhar) picked me up. I was feeling little warm since she picked me out of freezer.

Sad, What is she doing? She dropped few bread packets, some green color packets and a chocolate packet. Chocolate packet made my mouth wet, but I was the first one to be put inside the trolley, else I would have tried my luck with the chocolate. She pushed me to a guy who was standing near a tv like machine. He pulled me out and passed me through a red ray of light which gave out a horrible beep and they shoved me into a nasty plastic bag. I saw this writer there for the first time, he was staring at this beautiful woman who took me while giving her his card. The guy swiped the card on to another small machine and gave him back a paper. He wrote something on it and gave it back.

Then they took me into a house and put me into a huge box which made me again cool. Next day morning the same woman took me out. She cut one end of my cloth and poured me into a small vessel. She added some water to me and some salt. She switched on a something which made itself to burn. I could see flames coming out of it. She put another vessel on top of it and applied some liquid on it. It seems like an oil and later she took me with the vessel, mixed me well and poured a little of me inside the another vessel which she kept on top of the flame.

I was scared, it was very hot. The oil on top of it was boiling, I was not able to bear the heat. I cried, I cried with a maximum voice “shhh shhh shhh”. But no use, I realised that a part of me was changing to solid, I was transforming. She made me into a round shape and seconds later I became a solid round figure. She took a utensil and inserted it beneath me and without disturbing me much she took me out. I think she was afraid that I may get broken. She was caring enough to do it. I felt happy, but not a second later she put me again to the flame upside down. This time I didn’t had enough energy to weep. I again produced little noise, but it was not coming out. My weep went with the noise of the fan above me which was also giving her some light. She put me into a vessel which kept me hot. She made many other brothers of me and put them with me. She called someone, “Dosa is ready, it is kept in the caserol”

Someone opened the lid and I saw the same person who was with that woman. He took me out put me into a plate. He added some slight red color liquid into me. My eyes burned but I couldn’t make any noise. He tore me mercilessly and broke me into pieces he mixed me with that liquid and some powder and took me into his hand. I tried my best escape, but in vain he lifted his hand, I knew it was my end. I tried crying but I lost all my energy, I was broken. He took me near his mouth and put me inside it and grinded me a swallowed me. I went into a dark passage grinded and crushed..deep deep into it.

This my story, if you like this please send an SMS to DOSA to 58888. This will help me to go to second phase of growth egg dosa. With your support I can be coconut dosa, onion dosa, uthappa, ghee dosa and finally family paper ghee roast. I am expecting your support, please take your mobile phone and send the sms now.