Saturday 14 September 2019

I am suffering, so you don’t have to!

That’s an interesting Title I found for this blog. I thought first writing for my team and then thought I would do it for wider audience. Apart from drawing a little more salary than an average job holder, Software job bring along a lot of life style issues. Of course I am in class obese when they calculated my BMI  with the joint pains and stress related issues. Moving from modelling (whoa..whoa.. don’t assume much. I meant I was slim enough to be the part of Fashion shows in earlier organization) to obese was little more than unacceptable reality for me. I met doctor since I decided cycling and broke my ligament. That was just a beginning. Starting from high blood pressure, chance of getting high sugar level, I am now under medication for many diseases including the knee cap. There are few things doctor suggested to me to do and I am here to share that with you.
Note:  This note is not for fitness freaks  and neither am I including general comments of brisk walking or jogging.

Sitting Posture:

  • Sit straight preferably in a non revolving chair
  • I know the earlier one is not practical, but in a revolving chair you can lock the upright position.
  • Set the height of the chair so that your legs are parallel to the rotating fixture


One of the common issue we face is Neck pain and shoulder or back pain. It is because of the prolonged sitting and lack of any activity.
  • Sit straight and rotate your neck left in a slow but sturdy movement.
  • Then to the right, up and down without moving the body.
  • Tilt your neck so that your ears touch the left and then right shoulders.
  • Stretch your hand often and
  • Do not sit for a longer time.


Do not eat Junk food. I know this is not practical as well so when you eat out follow these simple tricks,
  • Drink water before a party
  • Do not go for grocery shopping or to get a take away while hungry.
  • Eat Salad as much as possible, this will cut intake of main course and starters.
  • Avoid that extra cheese in your pizza and butter in your masala.

Non Vegetarians:

  • Eat only chicken vs red meat.
  • Prefer grilled against fried starters or dishes.
  • Prefer Gravy based against fried dishes.


  • Avoid Ghee and butter .
  • Avoid or reduce Caffeine.
  • How about a Veg Kadai instead of Panneer butter masala?
Be healthy and stay Healthy.. I have learned it hard way, and still not much progressed.


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