Tuesday 29 October 2019

Morning Inspiration - Lane Discipline

This was the beautiful view today in the technopark approach road. Techies are  following lane discipline and definitely initiative to make people follow was tremendous including posting pictures of the defaulters. People who have traveled abroad definitely might have seen how effortless the driving become when we follow lane.

 But my point is definitely not about them, it is about the water vendor truck and the Pink police car waiting patiently for their turn. Did that not set an example there? Not only we set an example, we inspired others to follow what is good. 

We should also follow the same while coming through Kazhakuttom. When you overtake the cars waiting on the approach roads to the service roadsof technopark, you not only make them feel bad, but also instigate them to break the rule next time.

1) With out much wait I saw a red alto(?) crossing over the people waiting to join the lane further in the front. Lucky him/her since he/she saved 1 minute of their precious time but definitely their parents might have sneezed a lot. Then there were umpteen number of techies and non techies following the rules, which made my day.
2) I took the phone when my car idling feature stopped the engine and I was on complete halt.


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