Friday 25 October 2019

What I learned In My Life?

  1. It doesn't matter how important you are, you can be replaced. World will continue to spin as it had always.
  2. Best time to make friends is when you are at school. These friendship normally are ever lasting. Friends at office are often hi-bye especially if you are married.
  3. Your life get more complex when you are out of college. The turning points of life, which they said were your exams is a big fat lie.
  4. If you want something in life and if you are really longing and desperate to attain it, you will get it.
  5. If you are angry, draft your email and do not send it. After a while, read it again and if you still feel that to be send to the recipient, do it.
  6. Be cheerful! No body likes dull and boring person.
  7. It is hard to maintain long distance relationships.
  8. Listen before you speak, understand before being understood.
  9. Respect everyone, no matter what his position is.
  10. Keep in touch with people you know and offer help if you can. You never know when you need them to return the support.
  11. It always green at the other end but once decided never worry about it. It is better to decide and revert your decision than never deciding and staying in disaster.
  12. You will never be able to stop comparing with your acquaintances and if someone says that they don’t, they are lying.
  13. When you compare your life with others, make sure that you compare your life with someone who had achieved much lesser than you too. Evaluating your life with achievers alone doesn't make you any happy.
  14. 80% of the problems you face today will be silly when you review it after a month and 95% after an year.
  15. Never miss an opportunity and if you did, do not worry about missing it.


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