Monday 10 May 2021

Religion, Politics and the Prey

Recently I watched a movie out which three cops are framed and ruined due to some unforeseen events happened in their life. That made me think, where do I live? In a country where I cannot be myself, I cannot raise my voice, I cannot stand for my loved ones well being.

I wrote a post congratulating our honorable PM about his win in Assam and Puducherry while his own parties Kerala chapters incapability to educate the public about the falls of the then and now elected Government.

While having a casual discussion with my friend, he asked if I know what I am doing. He warned me that the police might be tracking such posts and if I am framed for something, dont even call him :-) Neither would he pick the phone. He made that statement for intended pun and he knows I will never call him if I am really in such trouble. Or may be none of my friends.. not in these near 39 years.

Watching the movie, made me think the gravity of such discussion. If I talk against a politician in this country, talk against a corrupt bureaucrat, I can be framed. Recently, under a facebook post from a stupid celebrity whom I never have any intention to follow, I saw a comment ridiculing some of my beliefs and in the next comment, the guy who claims to be an atheist seems to be proud of his Dad's rich religious connections. Well, as usual I corrected this guy and immediately he threw a reply as 'Veshya Nair nu Kuru Potti' (Prostitute Nair had his blister broke) and he is genuinely concerned about my 'Nair' surname (Why I named both Son's Nair is for a future post). Well, the comments then of course was beyond my cheapest standards that I didn't want to discuss, but the point here is 'he was threatening the beliefs I had while equally proud about his heritage his Dad had acquired from an religious outfit whose Guru said 'Never say Caste or Religion'. Think about it? Every conversation we have is ending with Politics, Religion, Beliefs and contacts.

My middle class ironies will never end as long as I don't care about money or I am born and lived without any money. I lost hope that we will ever be those people who once lived in harmony. We are in front of opportunist politicians, rich and affluent, lordship who utilize the poor for their games. This will be there for ever, until we find a solution for growing cancer of corruption, caste and religion!


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