Monday 10 May 2021

Mental Health is Not a Crime - Article on Mental Health

Our society still considers people with mental illness as taboo. This has to change and this photo story is dedicated to all those warriors who fight wars with their own self without a sword. 

Every day begins the same way as yours. We feel love, compassion, friendship the same way you do.

We enjoy every moment in this beautiful world. But any moment our chemicals in the brain might get imbalanced. We soon start loosing interest on the fun we enjoyed once. Those ups and downs are horrible for us to manage. 

Many of us behave differently. Some wish to stay alone, some of us wish to cry, few feel scared, few feel numb and angry towards life. Sometimes it is hard to express our feelings, hard to explain what we are going through. Few abuse alcohol or drugs to ease the symptoms 

With right medication, focusing on our interest, we do lead a normal life. Your support can help us come back in life and be happy with our loved ones. Our illness does not define us but our courage and strength does.

An alarming 970 mn people are suffering from mental or substance disorders globally.

Stats from 2017 shows around 14% of Indian population and 26% percent of the US Population suffers from various mental disorders. 

It is not just the celebrities who get affected, everyone with mental disorders go through difficult times. We request you to consider them, accept them as one among you.


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