Monday 7 October 2019

Short Love Story – Short Story In English

“Baby I am addicted, I am out of control”
Enrique was in his fullest in this song. I love his songs, taking the last sip of the mocktail I blabbered to my friends. All of them were quiet tight and of course they are in a state to accept anything. I smiled to myself. The blue ambiance of the sports bar seems to be quiet magnetic.
“Hey it’s time to go. Guys you are forgetting the fact that you guys got a home and you need to reach there”. It was a treat from my friend who completed 5 years in my company. Great, they seems to have realized the fact that they need to travel back home. I got up and walked towards my car.
“Where the hell did I parked it?” The buzzer is not working for quite some time. Finally I got the parking spot. When I was about to step into the car I saw a purse lying down. Is that a plot?? Boy, don’t you dare to look into that. I imagined a group of cameras covering me saying I was made a fool or It might also be a attention diverter. Anyways I took it and I found few cards, a driving license and a PAN card.
Reshma Sharma, luckily her phone number was there in the visiting card. Should I call her? Common you should call her. How long you will stay single after a breakup. But this is tricky; she seems to be working in Hyderabad. But why am I thinking about a relationship with a strange girl. I think all bachelor guys like me who am single would feel the same. They will always visualize any pretty girl to be a girlfriend. Okie what now, are you going to call her. May be she might be around, I took the phone and called the number.
“Reshma Here”

“Hi, I am Jino. I got your purse, it has some cards, your DL and PAN card”
“Thank God, Thanks a lot for calling. I came there for a marriage. I got back into the train. Will it be possible to send it as a courier?
“Ok, I will do that”
While driving back I realised that I was mourning like a huge tragedy happened in my life. This was a good change. Next day I mailed her all the details including the courier docket number.  Within seconds I got a chat invite in my Gtalk. I accepted it and next second I got a hello from her. We continued our chatting for days. She was really interesting and my days started running very fast. I was flying in cloud nine. I think I should propose her before I need to see her how she look. The photo in her PAN card was not visible much.
“Hi” I pinged her. “Are you in facebook?”
“Yes, give me your ID”
I replied,” Search Jino Manjil”
“Yes, I see you here and I have added you as my friend”
I logged in to my facebook. She is pretty. Our calls continued till night. We had topics from software to sex. Soon our topics died and we started arguing for every silly reason and one fine day I got a text from her
“I am not interested in this relationship”. I wondered, but I knew it would end like this.
“Can I call you”. I didn’t get any response for her. I pinged her in Gtalk.
It replied  “The person you pinged is offline and can’t receive messages right now”


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