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What do you hate about ‘Kerala’?

As mentioned in this Quora Post

I don’t belong to Kerala but I am a Malayalee. I belong to the old Travancore and now Kanyakumari district and I believe I can answer this better.

Kerala Once:

All these statements made here are equally applicable to the people of Kanyakumari

  1. I was thinking about Swamy Vivekananda, who called Kerala as “Lunatic Asylum” and was much worried since I find people of Kerala are more educated, more self dependent, less religious, people with an open culture, not demanding.
  2. Bundh and Harthals were to protect poor and not to show ones strength
  3. Any Tom,Dick and Harry cannot take our life for a toll just because he is a religious pundit or a ridiculous scholar or self proclaimed “Learned”.
  4. Political Parties were just a reflection of our ideology and not our religion
  5. We never killed a neighbor just because he was of different party
  6. We asked questions to Leaders and we rejected them if they are wrong
  7. Police was meant to help people, not suppress people
  8. We don’t fight amongst each other for “Movie Stars” or interested in just promoting “Celebrities”
  9. We celebrate each festival like Onam, Christmas or Ramadan
  10. We were happy to go to Mosque in ‘Bhimapalli’, Church in ‘Palayam’ or Temple in ‘East Fort’
  11. Once we thought terrorist can never be a Malayalee because of religious harmony
  12. We invited Christians, Muslims, A-Z Caste home and they invited us to their houses
  13. My parents considered every other friend of mine as their own son and daughter
  14. We ate food together, we shared food and we even shared the same plate.
  15. We liked ‘Mohanlal’,’Mamooty’ or ‘Suresh Gopi’ and those were just an additional interest to their movies than their religion, party or caste.
  16. We were content watching “Doordarshan” and happy with playgrounds and studies.
  17. Our families shared a great bonding with our neighbors. We fought for silly things but we were united when we were faced with challenges.
  18. Communist Party was helping the poor to get the recognition and Congress Leaders were supporting growth the state’s growth also.
  19. We could differentiate between evil and good
  20. We were happy about our heritage, about our culture and we were proud of our language, unity and literacy
  21. We went to gulf countries to work like donkeys to make our family in Kerala lead a good life.

Kerala Now: Not everything is applicable to people in Kanyakumari, since they are more matured

1. I was wondering why Kerala is still called as “Gods on Country”. Even if I believe that it is, it is because of few good people left and the blessed nature.

2. ‘Harthals’ are celebrations. They celebrate harthal even for reason they bluffed to be true

3. Because a Maulana or Swamy or Priest said, they even decide not to feed a new born, they decide not to give vaccinations or even treat for diseases.

4. They celebrate only religious festivals and create controversies on everything possible.

5. They started killing people just because their leader said so and for no reason or enmity.

6. They supported leaders for all their mistakes. They were happy to accept if their morality went down or they are extremely corrupt.

7. Police turned out to be brutals supporting the rich and powerful. Even if an officer decide to do good, they make sure that he doesn’t do that for long. They find every small issues against him and mentally make him feel bad since he decided to act than react.

8. Movies Stars are their Gods. They never celebrated their father’s birthday but spend a thousand Rupee to celebrate their favorite stars birthday. They trashed people for giving positive reviews. They howled and disturbed the viewers from watching other stars shows.

9. Now they started fighting for Temples, Mosques and Churches.

10. They started forming groups within their party, caste, religion than feeling together and enjoying the unity. They even started killing each other to promote their religion.

11. Today we check how many terrorists are Keralites

12. Not only they stopped friendship with other people, they started cornering people who donated organs, blood and in short their next life.

13. You cover your face, you cover their face, you force them wear colors which your religion mandate

14. You pee in public, you thrash when they kiss in public.

15. They kissed in public to claim freedom but they sold their own wife and daughters for money.

16. 24 x 7 they watched Serials which promoted illicit relationship, murder which never was censored but if they stopped releasing movies because there was a word “f*ck” in it.

17. They preyed on people who got around together, they decided a girl with you as your illicit partner and they even preached “Morality” when they dont have any.

18. Communist party became richest party and they promoted to poor for their betterment and not theirs.

19. They stopped every new opportunity, they disturbed every new growth and they did not allow any entrepreneurship to grow.

20. When they were slaves in Gulf, they treated people who work with dignity as “Rats”

21. Congress leaders are trolled by Call girls

22. They stopped differentiating Evil and Good since they are evil.

23. Corrupt and morally deserted women lead the show and they competed to get an autograph from her.

24. Ministers cannot be corrupt any more and police is a disaster.

25. They will die, fighting each other

I wish, I pray God to make them united, make us united, cherish our diversity while celebrating our unity. Those who have good faith and want to carve a new generation, do it and do it now! Let the country be first, human first and then religion and politics.

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