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Onam, Trivandrum and Kerala

Kerala is incredible gift of nature and called “Gods Own Country”. Blessed with Greenery all over with streams, rivers and lakes pleasing your eyes. I am belong to the city called “Thiruvananthapuram” which was earlier called Trivandrum.


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Normally it reaches 24 – 30 degree Celsius in the summer and heavily rained during the rainy season. Humidity in the atmosphere may make you a little tiring but the beaches and fun around makes you double charged.

Festivals of Kerala:

There are numerous festivals celebrated in Kerala, but Onam comes first. Onam, as the myth says is celebrated for the remembrance of a King Mahabali (Maveli) visiting his subjects in Kerala. The celebration is often grand and it attracts lot of tourist over the season. House and streets are illuminated and special cultural performances like Mohiniyattam, Kathakali to folk performances are conducted by tourism department and various cultural organizations.

_DSC0048Trivandrum, though the capital city is the second largest city in Kerala. Unlike Kochi which hosts a lot of multinational corporates, Trivandrum has a few of them like Infosys, UST, Oracle, IBS and lot of small and medium sized companies in and around technopark.

Pooram or Utsavam:

A lot of religious establishments celebrate different festivals with a lot of vibrancy and colors. You just don’t need a reason to celebrate, since it all over. While the villages, paddy fields, ponds, streams makes your vacation memorable, beaches, lakes and hills makes it adventurous.

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Food is generally spicy with a lot of Sea Food available and you will find all non-vegetarian and vegetarian South Indian, Indo-Chinese Dishes. You will find more cuisines in Kochi when compared to Trivandrum.


People are generally friendly and kind. They speak Malayalam as the state language and English, Tamil and Hindi is _DSC059generally spoken by most people.


Kerala is once 100% literate state across India and now Kerala is targeting to becoming 100% e-Literate.

What more:

Kanyakumari is the neighboring district of Kerala which is the tip of India where Indian Ocean, Bay of Bengal and Arabian Sea meets. Kalari is the Kerala’s own martial arts and Ayurveda is known across the globe for its mesmerizing facts.

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