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GGOOAA ~Land of Wonder and Fun~: A travelogue about my latest Goa trip.

I think we started at six in the evening, reached Goa at 7.00. It’s all about what I saw, the fun we had and lots of secrets. It is always fun to be with friends and I am neither trying to explain what others have done over and it is all about my view about the trip.

Bengaluru to Goa:

It was really an unplanned trip for me. I never have thought about a trip to Goa as I have booked my tickets to home. Moreover I didn’t get the ticket as well. Though a little worried since I was not able to go with them, but was happy thinking about my financial gain. Two days after guys came up with ticket and I joined them with partial mind.

We started by Friday evening. After a quick purchase of some stuff like sunscreen I started my favorite hobby (secret) analysing few fellow citizens (*Conditions apply). After reaching Majestic (one of the bus station in Bangalore), we had some food and stepped into the bus. Though it was a Volvo, the leg space was very less. One among the couple behind me was worried about his leg and asked me to adjust the seat a bit top. Being the angry Youngman of the time I got irritated and asked him if I can change the design of Volvo bus for his increased leg space. Anyways considering the girl near him I set it the way he want.

Beach In Goa
It was a full night in bus and we reached Goa by morning. We hired seven bikes and we were 11 people all together (9 guys and 2 Gals). Then it was all fun… I drove a bike which was really nice among the rest …Since the guys around were too jealous (lol), my bike my battery gone down. We drove around 192 kilometers in bike within Goa. I don’t know much of the routes and kept going behind those who are experts.


You know all are guys and what they do … we spend lot of time in Calangute beach as we got our rooms there… We ate almost everything that is edible under sea. Tiger Prawns, King prawns, Musscles, many types of fish… All were just amazing.Sea ViewFun in the Beach


People thought I was so depressed to see those girls hanging around with few guys in the group. I wish to show the secret here for my friends. I was not at all depressed and I am not a fool to fall in love with someone whom I saw a day before. Most important fact is that they came along with my friends. It was all fun and unfortunately you guys mistook me, not my mistake and neither yours (haha).

Our Final day was on Margoa.. I played a bit of football and full-time in water enjoying the sea.


We saw one guy drowning in the see. We thought he was just having fun or drunk. Minutes later we realized that he was actually drowning. Uday who is the tour manager (lol) and caretaker of our group flung into action. He asked us to form a chain. I was afraid to go deep in the sea. I was in the last and finally we pulled out him. All these time life guard was watching the scene and when we took him to shore he was scolding the guy since he gone deep in the sea.

It was really fun trip to cherish for ever and thank you guys that you had given few wonderful moments which I still laugh about.

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