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Being Secular and Intolerant

I was born in a place named Kollemcode, near Kanyakumari. These words intolerance, secular are literally alien to us and no one cared about it till recent days.

AllGodIn Kanyakumari and in and around Trivandrum you will see this picture in most of shops and even at home of a few.

Apart from a major incident which i heard when i was too young where there was a clash between fishermen communities following Christianity and Hindus, I haven’t even heard of people showing intolerance to any others. If what I heard was right, even this incident was out proportional growth of personal vengeance.

I had visited Churches, Darga’s in Attinkara, Mosque at BhimaPalli even recent days and that too with family. No one questioned why I had gone there. Since most of my schooling was Christian days there was a mandatory Period in a week to go to Chappel and even for that session every Hindu student can learn Moral Science or get a free hour. Many time I had voluntarily been there because they share stories which are inspirational in nature. Most important fact to be considered is that I use to listen them praising Hindus who considers temples to be sacred and visit temples only after Bath and the list goes on.

From 8th to 10th standard, I had studied in a Hindu organization and our prayer song is typical Sanskrit sloka’s. Everyone recites it in-spite they are Hindus or Muslims or Christians. None of the parents complained to have a secular Prayer Song.

I still remember, when I was young I use to call all those who supplied Fish at home as ‘Aunts’ and they cared us very much. They invited us for the marriages of their children and treated my parents who attend the function with most care and comfort. When we had some celebrations, we order Veg Biriyani’s to Muslim caterers since they make best Biriyani and for our private get together we get Non-Veg Biriyani from them cooked and home delivered to us.

I had friends mostly from other religion and communities. They all been at my home and especially during school days mostly at home and my Mom fed them and took care of them more than me. They all liked her food and often visited my place.

Good old days, huh? No! It is still not old days, I know many people who still treat India and Indian’s first than their religion. They love their religion but equally give importance to their fellow beings. After Facebook took our friendship to next level slight intolerance or may be an extra support to their own religion was seen. If this was not there we would have lived cheerfully ever.

Friends, We had already been separated by many forces. Lets be together, Lets be united. Terrorism doesn’t have religion and same is the case with extremism. Whether you are Hindu or Muslim, please live peacefully and let them live. Ignore Aamir, SRK, Dals and Sena’s and I don’t think they matters to us.

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