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Worries of a middle class Man

I am a regular taxpayer. Thirty percentage of my hard-earned money is given to the government as it is. I am one among those middle class men who doesn’t have voice in their country. I cannot get bribe because I work for a private company which doesn’t just have ethics in paper but also practice it. Forget about ethics my company follows, even I cannot get bribe because software engineers can never be bribed. I am one among those unlucky who never fits into the so-called privileged people and those not people.

When the privileged has all power and money to enjoy the stardom of my country and get extra advantages, underprivileged don’t care about those. They face it as and when it comes but what about the growing insecurity in me? I am scared. I am anxious, flustered, scandalized even after being one among the main source of income for my country.

I cannot cheat my government by underpaying my revenue; I cannot sell spectrums to get a sum of money which has zeroes that I cannot count. I am scared about being me. I am afraid that my car should not hit others because I don’t belong to this state. I am paying road tax, I will soon be paying property tax, I am paying professional tax, I pay tolls but still I am an outsider. I don’t belong to this city. Autodriver who talked to me in English or hindi will turn out to be a localite who knows only the local language when he bumps me into trouble. I don’t have voting rights, I don’t have any means to talk to my corporators that my roads are in worst condition and the only car I have is getting damaged. He doesn’t care if I pay a huge sum to my service garage to fix my suspension.

I am scared to look at people who stare at me with red eyes, though gaining confidence I stare them back I feel insecure to gaze at them. I am scared to go around with my life partner after 10’o clock because I hear motor bikes revolving around me. I scared to look at the newspaper which always celebrates the fall of average person like me. I am among those who feel relaxed to know that none of my relatives are in the accident which was caused due to civic negligence. I spend a good amount of time in traffic jams in roads of the country which ask me to pay VAT even for the food I eat.

I am in between the powerful and who don’t care power. I am a common man, I am so-called middle class man. I am bothered about the wrooming Audi’s and Mercedes thinking another tycoon goes on his way. He doesn’t have to care the traffic signals, police, rules, law. He parks his car below the no parking board; he pay a hundred to them if they catch him in a no entry area. I am helpless, I don’t say that I won’t follow law but I am too tired of the law breakers, who twist the law for their sake and I don’t have money or support if if I break one.

I am a common man, who dreams big, who try big but never succeeds. I am one among those who tries hard to meet the both ends of life. I am one among those “Cattle Class” men, who wish my country’s GDP reach heights than my swiss accounts, one among those country men who wish my country to reach first, one among those patriots who feel proud to hear his national anthem played in a game or just in a movie hall.

I am scared about my future generation. Now they celebrate the day they lose their “v” but I am scared about my future gen who may update his/her Facebook status about the anxiousness of the day getting near just before losing “V”. I am not a party animal; I don’t have money to spend for a glass of “sex on the beach” or “vodka with redbull” or even a pitcher of beer. But I wish to dance with my partner, but I am scared about my valet getting lighter after that.

My father is concerned about me getting late but I will have to be concerned about the state of my kid coming back every night. I will have to bother about the long calls of my kids than his/her growth. About the number of people he parties with because my valet is not heavy like them. I have to follow moral and cultural values which my parents taught me. No, it is not my intention to portray myself as Mr. Right, but I am one among those Mr. Wrong’s who trapped their lives with a tag of common man.

I am Indian, proud to be an Indian but I am one among those common man who wish to go onsite earn money and “Come Back”, but this come back is optional for many of them who gets used to the facilities of developed countries. I am not being backed up by any government. My father paid my school fee till 12th standard and after that though government seat I was forced to do my engineering paying forty-nine thousand per year for the mistake of my father not belonging to some communities which had reservations. But government spend lakhs of rupees for training people in IIT’s and IIM’s and they boast to be placed abroad leaving a common tax payer like me in dilemma of his mistake to be born in this country. I don’t have people to call for a press conference and say my inability due to coalition or my inability to protest. I am a common man, born in this country to serve the country for ever but always being scared of my life, loved ones and property against the miscreants, against the powerful, against politicians, against police, against acquisitions…against everything which I can’t protest… Just a common middle Class Man

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