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Top 8 Reasons, Why Flipkart should ditch their app only strategy

Top 8 Reasons, Why Flipkart should ditch their app only strategy.

I was never happy with the strategy of the App alone from Flipkart, but obviously it is their company, they can bring in any strategies they need. I thought I should write about it since a long period, but I was not sure if I am the only one facing the issue. Today one my ex-colleague Satyendra Pandey posted the same in his FB PageTo me the strategy behind app only is to “push” notifications to you and there by persuade you to buy a new product. This strategy works if I am doing a “Screen Shopping” (my word for Windows Shopping) and I am going in for a completely organized purchase. This big billion day sale at least for me is the best example where I had gone with one of your competitor for a 25k purchase.

  • Reviews and Comparisons: As any normal online customer before spending any more than 5K, I would definitely spend time researching on it. App will never come handy for such researches.
  • Tab Permission: TAB app with comparison might be a good option, but making it purely app will still not work since many companies does not allow TABS to be taken inside premises versus their official desktop’s and mobile.
  • Data Check : Your claim of 75% people purchase is through app might be true, but again rest 25% is not really happy with APP and what your analysis do not project is because the number of people who prepared a web purchase versus app.
  • 2G vs 3G vs 4g: It might be true that India is now becoming 4g but many place you don’t even get 2G or inconsistent network never allow you to browse through the pages.
  • Authentication: Even if the App can store our purchases till the checkout is complete, the bank authentication I believe you are loading the webpage directly. Any higher spends requires at least a minutes breathlessness.
  • Zoom, Swipe: Whatever claims you make it is really difficult to swipe through the pictures in maximum a 5.5 inch.
  • Desktop: Every organization which provides computer for an employee will spend time in it even for casual browsing or planned purchases. Everyone keeps an eye on the discounts and moving this to app will never help them. Fact that everyone has a phone is really true, but most of them who are now reason for biggest of your purchases like those in Software Companies, IT related jobs require a web page to check on the products during their break times.
  • Coupons and Promotion Code: You do such searches in Google and apply it in parallel. Plugins like buyhatke can better be used as an extension.

These are the reasons which I felt need to be considered especially in India network operators are competing to reduce the speed and reliability while increasing the price. Notifications, reminders will definitely woo your customers but let them stick to it because of the discounts or goodies you provide to install.

[Status Courtesy : Satyendra Pandey]

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