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Story of Rayban Glass – Autobio Story

Though I named it as story, this is a real life incident.  Long long ago there lived a boy. You can name him Charles or Patrick or even Dhanesh. I guess the last name more suits for this story since it is mostly about me.  Seriously these so-called writers often beat around the bush than directly come to point, don’t they?

It was in my sixth grade, god gifted me an eye protector. It was more like a Kavach for Karna from the Indian Epic. A year before, sitting behind those first benches, I had to copy the notes from my friend Ajay who sits next to me in the class. That is when i realized that I had a problem with my eyes. Those tiny letters written in the board were not getting clear to me. My parents took me to a ophthalmologist.

‘You have a serious problem son. I will give you a pair of glasses to make things in the far, clear to you”, Doctor smiled at me.

Nerd Comedy : I searched in my flash memory database and it just returned me a record not found error, so a default word – smile

Since then I had this companion life long, my spectacles. In the beginning it gifted me so many nicknames. I hated my glasses so much and i was longing for a day without it. By then it became an inseparable and became first thing i search in the morning till last thing i remove before bed.

It was during my childhood, I watched a movie in which one of my favorite South Indian Super Star was wearing a Rayban glasses through out his movie. He also had a dialogue about his new Rayban glass. Being a kid then, made me feel sad as I realized i could never wear one. In my school youth festival, when every one danced with sunglasses, I was with them with my despicable supernumerary part of the body. I had to wear 3D glasses on top of my glass, could not enjoy swimming or water sports since I could hardly see any one without specs. That became a dream often started haunting me. 

Things changed when I got my first pair of contacts. I was able to wear sunglasses but I hated lens because of complexity and dry feeling in my eyes. I switched back to my specs again. By then I was little more relaxed, realizing about the option of lens at least during my marriage. Years turned by and I started realizing that my specs actually gave me a good nerd look which not only gave me a good boy image but impressed many of the interviewers.

Image Courtesy :NSDU
Nerd Tip: Always wear a specs even though you have contacts during interviews. Do not forget to lower it down which gives you a real nerd look

All the while, I had this dream of wearing a good Sunglass in my mind. My request was first addressed by an not much established optician in Trivandrum and he made me realize that prescription glasses can also be made as sunglasses. Since i was not very sure about the outcome, I spend a little in it and got my specs. It was heavy and thick. I stopped wearing it after some days because of its discomfort

Coming back to Seattle, I realized the necessity of a Sunglass. I met a doctor and he gave me prescription sunglasses. Old dream made a reentry now. I bought original Rayban frames to be used with the customized lens of similar color as Rayban. Today I got it and it is a fullfillment of a dream. I know it is not at all a dream for many, but for me this is a huge achievement. A big dream come true.

Moral of the Story : Dude, what ever heck is your dream… don’t chase it since it is not running away. Achieve it or chase someone who can help you realize the dream.

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