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Me and K-Bajaj 4S Champion:- Memories Series

I had my schooling at Sree Vidyadhiraja School. Like many others, I had a crush on a school met. It started when one of my friends (Name not included- Considered X) was behind her. On an art festival held in Trivandrum, Kerala, we got him and started teasing him. Mr. X got irritated (obviously-it would be the case even if it was me. No one like to ridiculed in front of his/her crush) and had bet to propose her if i dare to. I had no choice than to say I would in a weeks time.

I was much interested in lessons then and probaly never after. I, kind of belong to Geek group but I did had few hobbies which I chased for. Being School People Leader (SPL) of my school and I often participated in several art competitions and won a lot of prizes but never in sports (But you wont believe I was too slim tat time and i got first in a running competition once– Read yaadein). Since i am all these school had a lot of expectation on me (no boasting this time,lol). Anyways, taking you back to the story; this guy X challenged me in front of my friends. I couldn’t bear that anymore. I accepted the challenge. It is then i realized how hard to me be a Romeo. You need to be behind her for some days and one fine day I got help from my junior and proposed her.. She never said yes or no. But I considered it as Yes :).. I had a cycle then (I hate that uncle who came with me and suggested my father to take Hercules cycle coz no body owns such a stupid cycle. But i started loving my cycle and he was my better companion for years).I use to take him in my journey to meet her. We both see in the road, will have a stupid smile and move ahead (tats all what love is for me -rofl)..

Now back to my title of the story, my dad had a Bajaj 4s Champion. I learned to ride that just to impress the girl. I took his bike in my later journeys to meet her. I normally ride it in full speed, take it to her and finally the moment I reach near her, it will be stop. Then my kicking saga will start 🙁 . Always this happens but neither i stopped taking my bike and nor did it helped me to stop becoming a fool in front of her. From the day onwards I started hating Bajaj. When I got my first job, my friends suggested me to take Pulsar. But I didnt take it.. I said i will better go for Passion Plus than goin for a Pulsar..

Now you might be thinking about the Gal now 🙂 .. My teachers kept advising me to stop this as they were expecting a Rank from me in state level Xth exam. Though I never mixed my studies with any fantasies, a rank was too much to expect. Since I use to score more than the rest, nobody took anything serious about it. After Xth we parted ways.. now I don’t even know, what she is doing 🙂 but still those are pleasant memories in me 🙂

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